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Lunch Specials

Served Monday to Friday till 3:30 pm

Bento Box

Served with steamed rice, miso soup, and California roll
Vegetable Tempura Lunch Box 8.50
Ton Katsu Lunch Box 8.50
Chicken Katsu Lunch Box 8.50
Chicken Teriyaki Lunch Box 9.50
Assorted Tempura Lunch Box 9.50
Beef Teriyaki Lunch Box 10.50
Salmon Teriyaki Lunch Box 10.50
Beef Negimaki Lunch Box 10.50
Shrimp Teriyaki Lunch Box 10.50

Kitchen Entrees

Served with miso soup & steamed rice
Tofu Teriyaki (Lunch) 7.25
Chicken Teriyaki (Lunch) 8.50
Vegetable Tempura (Lunch) 7.95
Chicken Katsu (Lunch)
Breaded chicken cutlet
Beef Teriyaki (Lunch) 9.50
Salmon Teriyaki (Lunch) 9.50
Assorted Tempura (Lunch)
Shrimp, chicken and vegetable
Shrimp Tempura (Lunch) 8.95
Beef Negimaki (Lunch)
Beef & scallion with teriyaki sauce.

Hibachi Grill

Served with soup, house salad & fried rice or steamed rice
Hibachi Vegetables (Lunch) 8.95
Hibachi Chicken (Lunch) 9.95
Hibachi Salmon (Lunch) 10.95
Hibachi Sirloin Steak (Lunch) 10.95
Hibachi Shrimp (Lunch) 10.95
Hibachi Scallop (Lunch) 11.50
Hibachi Filet Mignon (Lunch) 13.50

Maki Combo

Served with miso soup
Cucumber Roll rawSpicy Tuna Roll
 rawSalmon Roll rawSpicy Salmon Roll
 rawCalifornia RollEel Cucumber Roll
Avocado RollEel Avocado Roll
 rawYellowtail RollVegetable Roll
 rawTuna Roll
Maki Combo (2 Rolls) 8.95
Maki Combo (3 Rolls) 11.95

Sushi Bar

Served with miso soup
rawSushi Regular (Lunch)
5 pieces sushi & California roll
rawSushi Deluxe (Lunch)
7 pieces sushi & California roll
rawSashimi Regular (Lunch)
10 pcs sashimi
rawSashimi Deluxe (Lunch)
12 pieces sashimi
rawSushi & Sashimi Combo (Lunch)
4 sushi, 8 sashimi & tuna roll